Send local businesses LOADS of customers the easy way!

A Powerful, Proven, and nearly flawless method to suddenly become the most respected marketer in your community.

YOU can be the person that local business owners call upon when they need more customers. And YOU can get paid handsomely for it, building a list of happy clients that are more than willing to spend money with you every month for your freshly obtained marketing ability.

Hi, my name is Bob Ross. Soon after I discovered this groundbreaking technique, I went from a no-name marketer that was struggling to sell SEO services, to literally the most powerful marketing guy in my entire community… virtually overnight! And you can too.

The reason I don’t mind sharing this with you is because there so  many small local businesses out there struggling to get customers in the door. You don’t need any experience, skills, or technical ability whatsoever. If your brain is bigger than the pea sized one I have, you’re good to go and can start making serious cash in a heartbeat.

Just imagine if you could be known in town as the ‘guy or gal who brings in results when you need it!’ That’s what this method can transform you into right away!


Hi Bob,

Thank you soooooo much for this. I bought it Thursday and went through it yesterday. Made my first sale today. I also added an upsell where I gave the client a discount on another service.

Quick $1040.

If I can do this, anyone can. Time to go and make more sales!

– Mike

Just think if you had the ability to bring in 50, 100, or more new customers into any local business whenever you want? What if I told you I could show you how to do this and be an expert at it in literally a few hours?

Small business owners NEED new customers all the time. They don’t need the crappy internet marketing services that everyone else is shoving down their throats each day. They want to spend their money on something that can generate business for them instantly, make sense?

The problem is that no one offers anything like this! They can build a beautiful website and put all the ads in the paper they want, but they never see people lining up outside their door when they build that fancy website or place an ad.

That’s why they LOVE LOVE LOVE the system I’ve developed. It actually WORKS and generates them money in a heartbeat. Which in turn generates YOU  money. As much as you desire to be honest with you.

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You can get started TODAY!

I have real-life single moms, college students, struggling parents, and everyday people who’s lives are changing by doing this. And it’s fun!

I’m no different than you, and my thousands of other students.

I’m no marketing guru. I’m a 31 year old guy with FOUR kids and a stay at home wife who didn’t have a lot of time to make a lot of money that I could count on every month to survive.

I wasted so much time trying to sell internet services to business owners that I’m sick just thinking of it. I spent years trying to develop a method where local business owners would call on me when they needed someone to bring in business to them, and I finally reached that point last year. Now I don’t give a flying crap about what bills are coming in the mail, how much the grocery bill is, or how we’re going to pay for school clothes. We just write checks and enjoy life now. It’s that good, seriously!

And you can duplicate everything 100% if you implement this system and avoid the critical mistakes that almost put me under when I first tried it out.


Bob Ross has changed my life and hundreds of others besides mine.

Back in February I got an email about a groundbreaking report that came out on a marketing forum which was about how to make $5000 per month working your local area catering to local businesses. Recurring!

The method, and system to make this happen was SO EASY, it was like one of those moments where one could have had a V-8 smack on the forehead! By just reading the course, which basically consisted of one powerful PDF, I was able to go out the next day and change my financial status at home, in a matter of days, sold 8 clients in 1 weeks time @ $500 per client.

Over the next 3 week period, managed to sell 8 more and bank some serious money.

Forget all other courses out there, all you need is this one. Read it and follow through step by step, and you will not only have a brand new business to be proud of, but something that is scalable to infinity and beyond!

My family and I thank you for changing our lives for ever!

-Steve Galakos

How this revolutionary method works:

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Did you know that direct mail is the reigning KING of all advertising? No other marketing out there can pull in clients like direct mail can, not even the internet. The ability to reach anyone through their mailbox is unquestionably more powerful than a billboard, newspaper, radio, tv commercial, or a webpage.

The average ROI from direct mail is an astounding $11 for every $1 spent – DMA 2011

The problem has always been that the small business owner can’t afford to do big direct mail campaigns, so they never get to reap the rewards.

All this has changed now. I can show you exactly how to send the most GIANT postcards you’ve ever seen in the mail and blanket ENTIRE communities with a dozen or more attractive business offers.  Without any cost to you!

It’s sick how easy this is IF you have the right resources and information like I do. I can show you how to have these printed and mailed for PEANUTS, with the businesses all paying for it so not even a dime comes out of your pocket.

By grouping together local businesses that share the cost, you can get their offer in front of ENTIRE communities for pennies each, meanwhile you profit BIG TIME.

The national average response rate for direct mail is 3%. Even if each business only gets a ONE percent response… that’s 100 new customers. If they have to pay only $500 or so (instead of $10,000), and each new customer spends $25, they profit thousands. And they have NO problem paying you to keep doing it!

Here’s my daughter holding one of my local campaigns that brought us in over $5,000 in profit with ease:


  • Businesses LOVE the concept
  • The price is affordable to everyone.
  • You control your profit
  • You don’t have to pay a dime
  • You can outsource everything
  • You can be the only one in your area offering it
  • You can do it in your spare time
  • You can run it as many times as you want

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We’ve never paid ANY money into printing or mailing, it’s all paid for by the businesses! ZERO RISK!

My wife would have killed me if I had to spend our own money on it. That’s why it’s perfect for literally anyone to implement. There’s no startup cost at all.


What I’ve got for you…

I’ve fine-tuned this method into a smoothly running machine that can be duplicated anywhere.  I’m going to spill all the secrets and give you step-by-step instruction on exactly how I (and SO many other) are driving in paying customers to local small businesses on command.


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This is  the holy grail of ALL marketing. Suddenly ready at your fingertips.

Never before has anything this powerful been adapted for use by ANYONE who wants to implement it!

When you hold the power to bring in paying customers on demand to business owners, you’ll be LOVED by your local community and the profits that will reap from it can be astoundingly high.

  • You’ll get my comprehensive guide to implementing this brilliant method that’s starting to take the marketing world by storm.
  • MY no-fluff guide is  jam-packed with revolutionary marketing strategy and a groundbreaking concept that will make your brain explode.
  • You’ll get my complete list of what businesses will pay you faster and easier than others. And what ones to avoid!
  • You receive 100% full support from me. I’m never farther than a quick email away and thousands of my members will testify that I answer every single inquiry!
  • Everything you need to get this started today is included. I want nothing more than for you to place this method at the front-and-center of your marketing arsenal like thousands of others!

Learn these secrets and instantly accelerate your marketing ability. Become the hottest commodity in town. Forget competing with other marketers and leave them in the dust while every biz owner is flocking to YOU instead!

Scalability is infinite!

Once you learn how this works, you’ll see how dead-simple it is to wash, rinse, and repeat over and over. In all honesty this is likely the most scalable marketing method that you’ll ever come across. If you wanted to profit $20,000 per month for example… it would only involve running this system 5 times!

Forget about ‘one time’ profit! Make profits that recur monthly instead.


This system is designed to grab hundreds of dollars per client on a MONTHLY basis. If your clients are making money every time they use you, then it makes sense for them to keep doing it every month. Typical monthly profit PER client is usually anywhere from $300-$550 and the system is designed to accommodate 16-21 of them each time!


The breakthrough guide

  • Learn how to pitch clients on the concept and close them. (practically sells itself)
  • Learn exactly which businesses to target and which ones will benefit the most
  • Learn how to craft an irresistible offer


Printing and Mailing

  • Learn exactly how to get the lowest published printing costs on the internet, allowing you to do everything cheaper than ANY of your competitors by THOUSANDS. (this means you POCKET THE PROFIT!)
  • Learn exactly how to easily navigate the mailing system with ease! No permits or fees required at all!
  • Learn exactly how to prepare everything within minutes.
  • Learn from my mistakes so you don’t repeat them.


How to get paid!

  • You’ll get exclusive information from me that will show you exactly what to email prospects and how to close them.
  • You’ll learn my incredibly awesome pricing strategy that will have you rocking in no time.
  • You’ll learn my secrets to getting a great response and keeping advertisers repeating, paying you over and over.


Free Bonus - Hand Drawn MaroonBONUSES INCLUDED FOR FREE!

For a limited time, I’m throwing in bonus material that’s worth over $300! I’m only doing this for a short time. I’m rolling in so much money lately that I just want to give you the information you need to be a success.

I’m going to include various reports that I sell for over $75 each, including my “insta-close” technique that makes the selling process a BREEZE.

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Clever. Intelligent. A Cut Above.

There’s NOTHING and I mean NOTHING that I can say to criticize Bob Ross’ Method.  Not only is this product an obvious money-maker and with NO start-up costs, you will feel like you are wearing a white hat because you are giving back to your local community.

Too often you will find money-making ideas that involve a “win-lose” approach, but  Bob Ross’ 9×12 System is a “WIN-WIN-WIN” all the way — for your clients, for your community, and for you.  Not only that but Bob Ross is responsible, ethical and responsive to your needs as you go along building your business.  You’ll get great ideas, support and exceptional resources to help you make even more money with high quality products and services.

This is unlike any other marketing product out there, so get in now to avoid losing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a “Whitehat Entrepreneur”!

Highest Recommendation.

-Daniella S.

Is it really this revolutionary and groundbreaking?

Yes, Yes, and YES. It takes the most powerful form of advertising known to man and for the first time in history, makes it easily affordable to the small business owner, with only you possessing the ability to do it for them.

It’s an extremely refined method that can bring results on command without having to rely on anything to do with the internet.

  • You can start today
  • There is almost no learning curve
  • All details have been hammered out and tested
  • You’ll NEVER find a better course on ‘offline’ marketing out there, periodNo Risk Offer - Circle Badge Blue


What I want you to do now is invest in this groundbreaking method BEFORE anyone else in your area does. I can’t stress how critically important it is that you get in RIGHT NOW if you’re even slightly interested. Whether you live in a rural farm town or a major metropolitan city, you can dominate your local area and be a hero to the business community.

I guarantee you that this will be the best investment you’ll EVER make in your marketing career. I’m willing to bet that you’ll want to drop everything you’re currently doing and jump in on this immediately because it’s THAT good. The method will stay around forever and work FOREVER, but the chance for you to be a pioneer in it is limited, so get in immediately and lock down your area before someone else does.

I’ll give you my personal 100% iron-clad guarantee

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I’m so supremely confident that you’ll be elated with this, I’ll give you a SIXTY day NO QUESTIONS ASKED money back guarantee.

  • You have no risk to try this out.
  • I will honor my guarantee with no questions asked.
If that doesn’t tell you how confident I am that this will be a huge success for you, then I don’t know what to tell you.
This is your opportunity to start living the life you want and start being a hero in your community with almost no learning curve, no skillset required, and no experience at all!


*First, I’m a college student who just lost their job. This is specifically is worth WAYYYYYYY MORRRREEEE then what Bob is charging…….*Just want to say one more time Bob you’re the man!
You’re helping so many people in such a practical way there is no way I could even start complaining about the price. He’s really selling a seed that is guaranteed to grow into a tree not sure how else I can really say it.*

This exact method has saved marriages, gotten people out of foreclosure, paid bills, and improved the lives of so many people. Join us now!



Pay only $77 for immediate access

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Your purchase is completely secure. your Immediately after paying, you’ll be taken to my member page where everything will be available for you to download and get started. Even if it’s 2am.


I have a 2,000+ member strong private community that is constantly refining and testing this method across the world with amazing results coming in almost daily! I’ll keep you ahead of the game and updated throughout your venture as more and more of us continue to report the results in real time!

(includes complete reports, manuals, and guides in digital PDF format. download link will be presented after purchase.)

Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge Orange

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